move to 0.0

23 02 2010

My wish has been fulfilled. After long weeks of asking , and at one time even pondering to leave my corp, they have finally decided to take a “holiday” in 0.0! 😀

Ever since dominion came out, 0.0 has been the topic on my mind for many weeks now. The various wars around new eden has been only slightly feeding my hunger, i wanted more, with the only option being 0.0. So I warn you, watch this blog, as in the days to come there will be many new posts about the awesomeness, or unawesomeness of 0.0

On the other hand, ive decided to take another foray into jita trading, so that should be awesome, or disastrous. We will just have to wait and see 🙂

Comment about your first experiences in 0.0 😀



20 02 2010

The new expansion to eve, tyrannis has just been announced :O

here is the dev blog:

It seems as planetary interaction is whats going to be added to eve. This could be amazing, or could be horribly game  breaking.  Im curious to see what we will be harvesting from these planets, as new materials = new modules and ships. I wonder if you could manipulate local populations,build refineries and consturction plants, and make it a 1984 police state :D.  Oh so many questions.

Another new feature is the eve gate ie: facebook for eve. If i recall correctly, this was demo’ed in the fanfest if you guys are interested

CCP, more info, now.

What do you guys think will be in the new expansion? Let me know with a comment

The boredom that is missioning

17 02 2010

In eve, i find that i have 2 phases. The fun phase and the isk phase. The fun phase is made up of pvping, with my corp and solo, where i can afford to lose many ships and dont have to worry about money . As most of the ships i fly cost 30m +, this phase lasts about 3-4 weeks, maybe even less depending on the amount of action i get.

Now for phase 2, the isk phase as i like to call it. This is normally comprimised of missions in my case, with my trusty raven. I find missions extremely boring. All it is warping in, killing everything group by group, warping off, coming back to loot and salvage, and done! In my honest opinion, i believe that there shouldnt be a boring part to eve, especially such a huge part of the game which is missioning. Games were created as a remedy to boredom, not to help it along 🙂 .Missioning feels like working in some ways, and the reason i play eve is to have fun, not sit and shoot NPC’s all day long.  Missions are the perfect place to incorprate the one last part of eve that is not up to par, storytelling. It has already  started in the form of epic mission chains, but those are restricted to 1 corp per faction and 2 pirate corps. I believe that all missions should be as intersting as epic missions chain, maybe even each one introducing a new mechanic.

Missions at the moment only serve as a delay from me pvping again, but it could be so much more, if only ccp would take the hint from players and do a whole remake of the current mission system.

Comment about your worst mission experiences!

The Harpy

15 02 2010

If I had to choose my favoirite ship, it would probably be the harpy. It is definatly the ship I am most experienced with. The reason I like the harpy so much is quite simple. It is small, fast, can tank like no other AF and packs quite a punch. These aspects, in my opinon, as all that’s required to have a succescful ship.The only missing element in this equation is range, but more on that later.As most of the pvp I do is in high sec, I normally get into my harpy as it is small and fast, so if thigs get iffy, i can run away and leave for bigger ship. After I find out what the WTs are flying, then i change my ship accordingly.

My harpy ready for action

The harpy has two main ways to be flown. A blaster harpy, or a rail harpy. My harpy has and is always fitted with blasters, as it puts out much more dps then it would do with rails. I also depend on it to get the target pointed and webbed which you can do from blaster range. A rail harpy is only really effective in fleets, as shooting from 98k is awesome, but then who will be doing the pointing? Also the DPS at 98k is not gonna be as much as a blaster harpy.

The harpy is also a quite simple ship to fly. You just need to point, switch on AB, and orbit at 500. One thing you want to worry about are drones. If anything but gallente drones are deployed(as the harpy has something like 80% resist) then you should primary those. If used correctly a harpy can kill a BS, very slowly,but the bs will die nonetheless 🙂

I hope this post was useful for understanding my view on the harpy.

Agree? Disagree? Questions? Comment below 🙂

HAMs V Heavies

13 02 2010

Everyone vote!

Very recently, caldari cruiser 5 finished on c0olGuY. As you can guess I was very excited to try out the plethora of new ships that were availble to me. My first choice being the Cerberus, and then the Rook. As I already had all support skills trained up, I bought both ships and started testing them against Corp mates, both of them fitted with HAMs. After a few fights, it became clear that if I can’t keep range, I would not win the fights. A Corp mate suggested to me that heavy missles would better for these ships, but I tend to disagree.

Using heavies gimps your DPS heavily for a optimal range of about 100km. When using HAMs on a Cerberus, your optimal range is 36 with the damage missles and 56 with the range missles. combine that a MWD means that no target will be out of range for long. Maybe I am wrong , but most battles I’ve been in happen in under 30k , so there wouldn’t be reason to stay in 100k range just to keep safe. A MWD will make sure of that, as long as you stay away from scram and web range , which shouldn’t be a issue as you can shoot from 36k , which majority of cruiser weapons can’t.

For these reasons I believe that HAMs are superior to heavies at least on a cerb. For a rook, unless soloing or in small gangs, you should fit heavies as your only purpose is to jam. But then wouldn’t you want a falcon if all you need to do is jam? The rook should be doing DPS while permanently jamming targets, otherwise you would just need a falcon if you ‘just’ wanted to jam. Therefore HAMs would be superior to heavies on the rook for it’s purpose

What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree? Let me know with a comment

PS: dedicated to ranerin 🙂

edit: added poll

Hello world!

12 02 2010

As i start my new blog, with aspirations of fame and glory, It is customary to always post a hello world.

So hello world!

This is a new blog which will be based mainly on pvp,  and my thoughts on it 🙂

expect new posts soon 😀