Inty Fail

28 04 2010

Never proceed to engage a Arazu with a crow, and assume it has no scrams, and orbit at scram range, and forget that a arazu can scram up to 18 km.

If you read that, then you can probably figure out what i did 😀




3 responses

14 07 2010

Hi,fa-uh,coolguy!I added this blog of your to my favorites,it’s awesome!If only I could understand a bit more of what you were saying :U

To the rest of the world:Coolguy’s my brother!(not as slang,but I mean my real brother)

14 07 2010

So Coolguy did you lose the will to blog as there hasn’t been a post on here in a few months.

@Killkill: He thought he could kill a ship, but he made some wrong assumptions resulting in him getting killed.

14 07 2010

I understood the gist of it,though I still wonder what the hell “scram” means.Also,he asked me why I added the blog to favorites because he hasn’t posted here in ages.I asked him why just a minute ago but he mumbled something I couldn’t make out from this room and I don’t wanna stand up. 😛

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