CCP lied to us on the Tyrannis trailer!?

21 04 2010

On the Tyrannis trailer, despite how pretty it is , seemed to mislead us about the features in Tyrannis. It asks us whether “we will rule with benevolence or ruthless tyranny” I don’t know about you guys, but making machines mine doesn’t seem very tyrannical to me.  From what i have seen on singularity, there are no aspects of manipulating people on planets, which not only is a huge let down, as that was one of my most desired features, but a misleading trailer. Whether CCP actually planned to have us rule over PEOPLE is unknown to me, although the hope is still inside me that they will include this in the next revision of Tyrannis, or  Incarna (if it is ever released). It is quite disappointing to have a trailer advertise something different then what is being released, but lets hope what is actually being developed will make up for it 😀





3 responses

24 04 2010

I like to think of this iteration of PI as laying the groundwork (pun totally intended) for more in depth interaction with the denizens of the various planets.

14 07 2010

Maybe it has something to do with the Dust 154 interation?Like,maybe when it comes out,you can order mercenaries to control and opress the people of a planet or something?

Yeah,I know,dumb thoughts from an equally dumb brother 😛

14 07 2010

@killkill: Dust 514, not 154 🙂

According to the CSM meeting minutes the winter expansion will contain a new avatar creator, various fixes and another iteration of planetary interaction.

And it’s pretty sure that you can manipulate the way you treat people on your planets in the future, and you should be able to build defences too (Else Dust players can just waltz over your colony).


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