My first blob

13 03 2010

Last night, I had a awesome expereince with 150 man blob, my first ever blob. We were told to get into sniper bc’s / hacs, so I got into a eagle , and made my way to the rally point. about 30 minutes later, we started heading out through the networks of jb’s.

Eventually, we reached the final stargate before our destination. A hostile fleet was sitting on the other sode, composed mainly of sniper zealots. I was having issues with getting on fleet coms, so I had a alliance mate relay orders to me on vent.

The FC gave orders to jump through, and immediatly after i pressed the jump button, eve crashed. The absolutely worst moment for eve to crash, when I was jumping through into a hostile fleet. Thankfully, I managed to relog, still in my ship. Good thing I was just a neglible little eagle. The lag was epic on the other side. Now I see what everyone is complaining about. I could barely scroll my overview and find primaries, even though they were broadcasted and supposed to be at the top of the list. Not being on the right coms didn’t help either.

Eventually we managed to kill and rout the enemy fleet, bringing in the first victory of the night and sadly, the last for me. I survived this battle unscathed and we were ordered to warp to a pos, so we can regroup with some capital support. Cyno with lit, and loads of carriers came in. We were told to align and warp to gate. The enemy smartly chose this time to strike, with around 10 stealth bombers uncloaking, and dropping bombs on us. Being a sniper fitted eagle, my tank was not very tough, with only a LSE II in case of emergencies. I rapidly debated in my mind whether to try and MWD out of the massive blob around the gate and risk getting hit by the bombs for full damage, as the MWD greatly inflated my signature radius, or try and navigate out with no propulsion mods, and take on the bombs for reduced damage. I chose the latter, which led to my demise. One bomb hit me-75% sheilds, okay that was not so bad. A second , third, forth barraged me. I rapidly slammed the need sheilds broadcast button, praying one of our logistics would rep me in time- a prayer that was made in vain.

A few bombs later, my ship exploded, and promptly, the enemy fleet on the other side decided to jump through. I took this oppurtunity to leave the system in my pod, and made my way towards jita to buy myself another sniper ship. Once I arrived, I bought a ferox instead of another eagle. The ferox has a few advantages over an eagle, mainly it’s price and tank. A ferox would have survived the bomb barrage, where as the eagle didn’t. Even if it didn’t, the loss wouldn’t hit me as hard as a dead eagle. Once I bought the ferox, it was pretty late , and I decided to call it a night. Let’s hope next time I don’t die 🙂 until then , fly safe and kill lots 🙂

What do you guys think? Comment and tell me about your first blob experience.




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13 03 2010


14 03 2010

A few tips.

– All settings on low
– Create a tab on your overview that only shows hostiles
– Sort this tab by name for easier target finding
– Zoom all the way out
– Disable brackets

Might help in the future.

19 03 2010

I think my first real blob was flying with KIA against Triumverate. I got doomsdayed twice and died.

Sort of similar really.

14 07 2010

It crashed?Strange,when I see you play(he’s my brother) it barely lags at all even with massive fleets.

14 07 2010

My first blob experience, lots of lag, and my rifter got blown up, lag was about 3-5 minutes.

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