12 03 2010

As you can guess, i just got my first faction lewt from 0.0 ratting 😀

I was just doing my usual thing, when i warped into the next belt and i read those beautiful words on my overview. Dread Guristas Extinguisher. :O :O, i promptly killed it, and found a faction sheild amp, a faction explosive field, a crystal tag and 1000x guristas ammo.

Not bad for a few weeks in  0.0 eh?




2 responses

13 03 2010
Mike Azariah

Are you doing any of that fancy ‘leaving certain ships to spawn better stuff’ or just hunt, kill, move on praying the next place will be better?


13 03 2010

I was just killing everything in the belts , I think once you kill all rats in the sytem, a faction one spawns. I just happened to get lucky as he was in the next belt which I warped to.

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