First 0.0 roam

25 02 2010

As the earlier post states, my corp has moved into 0.0 with an alliance. Yesterday i took part in a roam with them. To correct the title, it was the first low sec roam with the alliance :P. I happened to be in my manticore at the time, so i joined fleet and i was designated scout. We moved around a few low sec systems, in a bc gang, and were told to use gank tactics, which means attack at gates and station, kite and kill :).  There was;t as much action as i was expecting, but was still more interesting than missions.

I also , interestingly, had my first experience with lag. Even when i used to pvp in high sec, i would almost never have any lag during fights, and if i did it was very rare. I jumped into a gate in my sb, and sat cloaked as a scout. A few minuts later, i heard shouting on vent as a typhoon was about to jump through. Funnily enough, i see gate activation, but no typhoon. As the rest of the fleet jumps through, the aggression notifications appear on my screen, but i still dont see anything. WTF CCP?  I get the call to jump back through if you can by the FC, as the typhoon managed to tank us and reach the gate. I could still approach, but as soon as i jumped through, eve just crashed, prompting me to relog.  Thankfully, as soon as got back on, everything was back to normal.

We moved around a bit more, eventually getting bored and started aligning to the gate to leave. But miraculously, on the other  side of the  gate we were camping(which i was sitting at cloaked hehehe) a red mega arrives and jumps through.  We butchered it mercilessly :D. It didn’t even survive 2 minutes.  Can’t blame it though, nothing (sub cap) can survive  against 10 BC’s on their own. After that we just burned back to home system, split the loot and parted our separate ways (Unfortunately i had to log off at this point).

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