move to 0.0

23 02 2010

My wish has been fulfilled. After long weeks of asking , and at one time even pondering to leave my corp, they have finally decided to take a “holiday” in 0.0! 😀

Ever since dominion came out, 0.0 has been the topic on my mind for many weeks now. The various wars around new eden has been only slightly feeding my hunger, i wanted more, with the only option being 0.0. So I warn you, watch this blog, as in the days to come there will be many new posts about the awesomeness, or unawesomeness of 0.0

On the other hand, ive decided to take another foray into jita trading, so that should be awesome, or disastrous. We will just have to wait and see 🙂

Comment about your first experiences in 0.0 😀




2 responses

26 02 2010

Running the M-OEEB gate in the vale of the silent in my only ship, a raven, while reds were camping and survived…VERY nerve wracking!

28 02 2010

We headed to nul-sec with the 3 of us, at a certain point I got bubbled but no hostiles were near, after that I suddenly hear my mate shouting he’s being chased by 30 or so ships.

We just moved on as he told us and eventually we all arrived safely in null-sec greeted by our alliance mates.

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