20 02 2010

The new expansion to eve, tyrannis has just been announced :O

here is the dev blog:


It seems as planetary interaction is whats going to be added to eve. This could be amazing, or could be horribly game  breaking.  Im curious to see what we will be harvesting from these planets, as new materials = new modules and ships. I wonder if you could manipulate local populations,build refineries and consturction plants, and make it a 1984 police state :D.  Oh so many questions.

Another new feature is the eve gate ie: facebook for eve. If i recall correctly, this was demo’ed in the fanfest if you guys are interested

CCP, more info, now.

What do you guys think will be in the new expansion? Let me know with a comment




One response

20 02 2010

You know there will be drip-feeding of tidbits over the following months. The typically vague initial blog will always leave you saying “wait? that’s the end of the blog? but-but, you haven’t really said anything!”

However, its actually a lot of fun to speculate what may or may not be coming with each expansion. I make specific reference to the word ‘speculate’, since its very easy to slip into ‘whining’ instead, and nobody likes a whiner. ^^

I posted some thoughts up on my blog, and there’s some more in-depth discussion by Cas over at Ecliptic Rift: http://rift.chromebits.net/2010/02/20/a-political-idealist-not-a-murderer/

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