The boredom that is missioning

17 02 2010

In eve, i find that i have 2 phases. The fun phase and the isk phase. The fun phase is made up of pvping, with my corp and solo, where i can afford to lose many ships and dont have to worry about money . As most of the ships i fly cost 30m +, this phase lasts about 3-4 weeks, maybe even less depending on the amount of action i get.

Now for phase 2, the isk phase as i like to call it. This is normally comprimised of missions in my case, with my trusty raven. I find missions extremely boring. All it is warping in, killing everything group by group, warping off, coming back to loot and salvage, and done! In my honest opinion, i believe that there shouldnt be a boring part to eve, especially such a huge part of the game which is missioning. Games were created as a remedy to boredom, not to help it along 🙂 .Missioning feels like working in some ways, and the reason i play eve is to have fun, not sit and shoot NPC’s all day long.  Missions are the perfect place to incorprate the one last part of eve that is not up to par, storytelling. It has already  started in the form of epic mission chains, but those are restricted to 1 corp per faction and 2 pirate corps. I believe that all missions should be as intersting as epic missions chain, maybe even each one introducing a new mechanic.

Missions at the moment only serve as a delay from me pvping again, but it could be so much more, if only ccp would take the hint from players and do a whole remake of the current mission system.

Comment about your worst mission experiences!




One response

19 02 2010
Revii Lagoon

Personally, I tend to enjoy doing a few missions every now and then. But I can’t stand it when I run way to many just for the sake of getting lots and lots of cash (Unless absolutely necessary). So I have found other ways to make money, mainly by exploration. I have found that the money isn’t as good as lvl 4 missions, but the whole experience of heading into the unknown abyss and see what awaits me has spawned some of the best moments I have had in EVE so far. Wormholes are filled with riches, and if you can develop your own strategies to find people, you can even have a bit of PVP action.

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