The Harpy

15 02 2010

If I had to choose my favoirite ship, it would probably be the harpy. It is definatly the ship I am most experienced with. The reason I like the harpy so much is quite simple. It is small, fast, can tank like no other AF and packs quite a punch. These aspects, in my opinon, as all that’s required to have a succescful ship.The only missing element in this equation is range, but more on that later.As most of the pvp I do is in high sec, I normally get into my harpy as it is small and fast, so if thigs get iffy, i can run away and leave for bigger ship. After I find out what the WTs are flying, then i change my ship accordingly.

My harpy ready for action

The harpy has two main ways to be flown. A blaster harpy, or a rail harpy. My harpy has and is always fitted with blasters, as it puts out much more dps then it would do with rails. I also depend on it to get the target pointed and webbed which you can do from blaster range. A rail harpy is only really effective in fleets, as shooting from 98k is awesome, but then who will be doing the pointing? Also the DPS at 98k is not gonna be as much as a blaster harpy.

The harpy is also a quite simple ship to fly. You just need to point, switch on AB, and orbit at 500. One thing you want to worry about are drones. If anything but gallente drones are deployed(as the harpy has something like 80% resist) then you should primary those. If used correctly a harpy can kill a BS, very slowly,but the bs will die nonetheless 🙂

I hope this post was useful for understanding my view on the harpy.

Agree? Disagree? Questions? Comment below 🙂




3 responses

16 02 2010

The Harpy is a fun ship. Personally I like the Ishkur for a solo roaming assault frigate. It’s got a decent tank and with the combined gun/drone damage, it’s a dps machine.

Pair a Harpy with an Ishkur and the two can take down quite a lot of ships.

16 02 2010

You would be surprised, i once went out with a ishkur and we failed to take down a vexor :P. i almost had him (after the ishkur died) but then a drake and a geddon warped in :P. talk about overkill

16 02 2010

I have always been big fan of the Blaster Harpy. I’ll agree with Ga’len that with its drones the Ishkur makes a better solo roamer. That said I have had good luck against Cruisers and smaller. The midslot layout makes this a flexible EWAR platform if you you are so inclined. Just because it doesn’t have bonus for any EWAR doesn’t meant its useless esp if you are well skilled. the Exception to this would be ECM. which is the most hit or miss. but Webbers, scram TD’s Damps, Painters are all good choices depending on your “mission profile” when you go out.

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