HAMs V Heavies

13 02 2010

Everyone vote!

Very recently, caldari cruiser 5 finished on c0olGuY. As you can guess I was very excited to try out the plethora of new ships that were availble to me. My first choice being the Cerberus, and then the Rook. As I already had all support skills trained up, I bought both ships and started testing them against Corp mates, both of them fitted with HAMs. After a few fights, it became clear that if I can’t keep range, I would not win the fights. A Corp mate suggested to me that heavy missles would better for these ships, but I tend to disagree.

Using heavies gimps your DPS heavily for a optimal range of about 100km. When using HAMs on a Cerberus, your optimal range is 36 with the damage missles and 56 with the range missles. combine that a MWD means that no target will be out of range for long. Maybe I am wrong , but most battles I’ve been in happen in under 30k , so there wouldn’t be reason to stay in 100k range just to keep safe. A MWD will make sure of that, as long as you stay away from scram and web range , which shouldn’t be a issue as you can shoot from 36k , which majority of cruiser weapons can’t.

For these reasons I believe that HAMs are superior to heavies at least on a cerb. For a rook, unless soloing or in small gangs, you should fit heavies as your only purpose is to jam. But then wouldn’t you want a falcon if all you need to do is jam? The rook should be doing DPS while permanently jamming targets, otherwise you would just need a falcon if you ‘just’ wanted to jam. Therefore HAMs would be superior to heavies on the rook for it’s purpose

What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree? Let me know with a comment

PS: dedicated to ranerin 🙂

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4 responses

13 02 2010

Yer such a pigheaded nub. Go play EFT warrior and be the DPS whore you want to be instead of learning how to use tried and proven fits. Nothing personal Cool, but I’m done having this discussion with you. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Have a great day!


14 02 2010
Jagret Oum

HAM’s all the way, for PvP there is no other way to go. A heavy missle Cerb at range does next to nothing for damage and by the time the missles hit the target is likely already dead. with the cerb’s good missle bonus’s it puts out decent damage with HAM’s and has a fairly decent buffer tank..I do wish the cerb had a 25m3 drone bay though to make it a little more versatile.

19 02 2010

ever since hams got nerfed they lack the range for fleetfights or whatever.
they still pwn in small scale close range combat, but everything else is heavies all the way.

19 02 2010
Pompus magnus

Heavies for fleets
hams for small gangs/solo

end of discussion

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